Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hello 3rd Trimester!

On Monday, I hit 28 weeks which is the official start of my 3d trimester! WOOHOO!!! It really is the final countdown! I can't believe that in about 83 days (or less!) our SON will be here!

Its so insane to think about how much my life has changed in the past 6 months, let alone in the past 6 years. I went from total wild child to a responsible adult. When the heck did that happen? I mostly have Bobby to thank for that. Eventhough we were both a little crazy when we met, he gave me a reason to turn my life around, and gave me the motivation to be a better person. I'm just so lucky to have him, and I can't wait to start our family together.

I know that being parents is going to be the most rewarding and most difficult thing we've ever done, but I am looking forward to every little moment.

Now that our little guy is REALLY starting to grow (1/2 a pound a week!), I am feeling and seeing his movements way more than before. I am trying so hard to envision what he's going to look like. I feel like I already know his personality and patterns. He is most active in the morning between 7 & 9 AM. I think he likes to wake me up and remind me to feed him! Then he's pretty quiet until about 3 PM and then he starts bouncing around. I've made it my afternoon ritual to eat a snack and watch him karate chop me :] Then he goes back to sleep and wakes up for his last dance of the day around 10 or 11 PM. His movements have been pretty regular for the past couple of weeks, and I hope they stay that way after he's born. 3 spurts of energy a day are totally manageable.

So now, all I have to do is wait for him to get chubby, and get ready to meet the world! We can't wait to meet you little guy! Love you so much already!

28 weeks. 15 inches & 2.25 pounds!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baby shower

My baby shower is next weekend and I can hardly wait! Its going to be so adorable, and I can't thank my mom, and Bobby's aunt enough for everything they've done to make this time in my life so special. I feel so lucky to have so many people who care so much about me, and our baby. He is going to have such a great family, and I know there will be more than enough love to go around :]

We are going to have a baby-bird/owl theme to match the nursery, and of course have tons of blue decorations!

Now, all I have to do is find something cute to wear, and eat my little heart out on the big day!

Hold them close

I've been relucant to write about this topic, because I've already spent so much time crying and being completely devastated that I didn't even want to think about it anymore.

Last week on Veteran's day, my dear friends lost their baby due to a freak act of nature. She was 7 1/2 months along, and quite possibly the best parent-to-be I've ever met.

Being pregnant myself, it was especially hard to hear the news and for a while, I was in denial about what had even happened. Everyone knows that miscarriges are really common the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, but no one ever hears about such a late stage loss. Either that, or they don't want to talk about it.

My heart is completely broken for my friends, and I can't even imagine what they must be going through. I'm just so bewildered, angry, in shock and depressed about the whole situation. It really makes you think about how lucky you are to have each and every healthy day. I'm just so confused why horrible things happen to wonderful people. Why do so many irresponsible, unworthy parents have healthy children, pop them out one after another, when loving, stable and kind people get the shit end of the stick? It doesn't make any sense. I always thought that everything happens for a reason, but I don't see any justification in this. Its so incredibly unfair.

It goes without saying, that I'm never going to complain about any pregnancy symptom again. Every time my little guy kicks me in the ribs, I'm going to smile and be grateful that he is still with me, and is strong. Every time I have to get lab work or other blood tests done, I'll say thank you, because it means I have good medical care, and my child is being watched over. Every time I gain another pound, I'm going to feel happy because it means my little man is growing. Things like this really make you look twice at your blessings, and make you realize how short and precious life really is.

Every day, I'm going to send love, support and kindness their way, and hope that they know that this was not their fault, and the chances of anything like this happening again are one in a billion. I know that when they decide to try again, they will be the best parents, and probably love their kid all the more. The baby they lost will always be remembered, and always be such a huge part of all of our lives.

So, all you mamas out there, hold your babies extra close. You don't know how lucky you are to have them.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maternity photos & nursery decorating

Over the weekend, Bobby and I finally got in the mail the adorable tree wall decal that we ordered on Etsy. As soon as he got home from work on Friday, we tore into it and put up the whole thing, and we couldn't be happier!

It even came with 2 cute birds & an extra branch to put up on the other side of the nursery too!

We were really excited it came on time for our maternity photo shoot with our favorite lil photog AnnaJoy! She is amazing and makes us look way cuter than we are in real life :] I'm so excited to see the rest!

P.S. I'm 26 weeks along, and baby bear is approximately 14 inches long, and weighs 1 3/4 lbs! Dang! Luckily, I've only gained 18 lbs so far, so I'm fairly confident I'll be able to keep it under 40 total. We shall see... :]

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

It is so good to be loved

Yesterday, we were surprised with a GIANT box on our doorstep. One of the offices at my company had ordered and shipped us the most coveted item on our baby registry - The ultimate baby swing! Its a Graco SweetPeace Baby Bear swing, and it is so high tech and adorable at the same time, I squealed like a little piggy when I saw it.

Needless to say, we brought it upstairs immediately and set it up. I didn't realize how amazing this thing was until I started playing with all of the features. Removable/repositionable seat. Removable toy rack. 6 different speeds. Vibration feature. 3 different types of music. A timer. MP3 hookup. Battery or electricity operated. Our carseat fits in it too. Like....whoa. I'm kinda jealous of my baby right now.

After we were done playing with this new amazing toy, we went to our childbirth class, which I'm really glad we decided to do, by the way. We get free snacks, and our hubbies have to give us massages. Can we just do this every week, even after I'm not pregnant anymore? :]

P.S. I'm 24 1/2 weeks, and baby bear is 13 inches long, and 1.25 pounds. About the size of an ear of corn according to my pregnancy application on my phone. EEP!

Today's playlist:
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